Pardon the Interruption: Stuck in Surveys


Two months ago I moved four states away. If you’ve ever moved, you might understand how that would put  posting on the back burner. Truth is I’ve been buried under a deluge of feedback, surveys, and reviews I am asked to provide. From teeth cleaning to oil changes everyone wants my input.

“Did we meet your expectations?”

“We’d welcome your feedback.”

“Help us make our company even better.”

“Let us know how we are doing.”

“How’s our packaging?”

Even the most mundane shopping seems to warrant a survey. Department store cashiers hand us receipts and circle online web addresses for our feedback. Websites request quick surveys before we can continue reading their site or add an item to our shopping cart.

shutterstock_averageOffers of a chance to win a gift card entice us to take a store survey. Some salesmen or service providers play the guilt card. If I don’t rate their service highly, they might lose their promotion or worse yet, their job. I’d feel horrible if that ever happened.

shutterstock_406715191I realize consumer research is valuable, and I routinely check reviews before making a purchase or finding a new dentist.

As a writer, I could argue that being able to write a tightly worded commentary is also a great writing exercise. It is also another excuse for procrastination. Unfortunately, time is a finite commodity. I am so woefully behind in all the requests for feedback that I can barely see my computer screen under all the sticky note reminders to provide feedback.


I’ll be back to posting when I finish expressing my opinion on my new paint brush and cable service.

One thought on “Pardon the Interruption: Stuck in Surveys”

  1. You are so right! I love this witty commentary on one of life’s necessities — giving feedback to promote self-reflection. How am I to improve if I don’t reflect and recognize the need?
    Keep at it, Ellen. You are helping us all!

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